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Issued ☆ new version of Business 2.4 ☆
august 2017г.
The new version implements the import and export of its user base (e-mail, name, phone).

video update presentation

Business 2.3.2
july 2017г.
User agreement in accordance with Law on Personal Data.

video update presentation

Business 2.3
april 2017г.
In the new version it is possible to create your own fields for registration with indication of their obligatory nature, as well as different types: small, large, check-box, drop-down list, radio-batton.

video update presentation

Business 2.2
february 2017г.

The new version provides downloading of the presentation (pictures in jpg / png format) to the system and showing slides from the room , not through Hangouts or third-party software products. In this case, the video stream will go in a separate window above the chat on the right through the selected streaming service (Youtube Live, Lideo.ru or other video / audio data transmission channel).


watch video presentation of updates:

Business 2.1
june 2016г.

Implemented: online payment for webinars, ip blocking, notification of the beginning of the webinar, letter templates and much more..

presentation of the webinars directory on the server: LOOK

watch video presentation of updates:

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Our product was included in the list of laureates of the distinction "Russian software: achievements and innovations 2016" according to the magazine PCMag Russia (PC Magazine / RE), "Personal computer today" - one of the oldest Russian IT publications, produced since 1991 :)
"This means that the magazine's editorial board considers it one of the most relevant, interesting and / or high-quality developments of the year, or has made a significant impact on its market segment, setting new standards for quality, price or functionality."

Article on the magazine's website

Achievement 2!
Our client was attended by 458 people online on the 2nd webinar! This is the maximum number of people on our site, which is registered in the video recording. And so the same client at the next webinar already had more than 550 people).
Watch the webinar record and monitor the load on the server

Our system will withstand almost any number of participants (at least about 2000 people for sure), because there are no restrictions on the number of rooms and people online (when using Hangouts), the main thing is to choose the appropriate hosting and server configuration.

Webinars CHOICE

Take ready or make your webinar

Maximum capacity vebinarnoy modern rooms on the site!

The advantages of webinars on its website to other services:

1. No monthly fee. You buy a system once and webinars webinars on its website for free!

2. The presence of 2x channels broadcast (free), one connected to the second operation. If the faulty one channel for 2 minutes, you can switch to the backup and continue the webinar in the existing room with the (important) participants do not need peremeschatsya webinar to another room!

3. Webinars remain unchanged for a permanent link to your site with a record video broadcasts with a stored chat with attached materials with banners, with the form of sending a message to mail administration webinar, contact details of the administration. At any time you can give a link to a new person in the room, already past webinars, and he looks the video broadcast, honors chat, download the materials, go for advertising and, if necessary, will send you a letter directly from the room or call at this number!

4. Especially for you, we can refine your room acquired customized solutions for free. It's enough Write us a request with a description of the desired functionality.

5. The market is now room to webinars services have grown almost twice. And the monthly price average around 50 euro/month. And now we have the room can be purchased for 350 euro one-time payment, and webinars with no monthly fees.

And most importantly, such an abundance of different functionality you will not find in any vebinarnom service! This we guarantee!

With this product you are reaceave personal professional conference and webinar software.

So what are the basic capabilities have integrated in the product "webinar on its website":
* Control System Webinars: Webinars complete control (create, modify, publish, change the types of access (for registration, by invitation only, free entrance (only enter the name), paid access), make online and offline webinars);
* Directory of webinars: a list of all past and upcoming webinars in the form of a tape with a brief and full description and the ability to sign up for the webinar + opportunity to advance in the search engines through SEO individual webinars settings in the system for individual pages webinars;

* Paid webinars: participants can pay the desired webinar and after payment will automatically gain access to the paid webinar. In the section with the transactions you will see a list of payments, the amount paid for the profile and a webinar recorded. A payment from the participants will be transferred to your account a person or entity. Payment systems derive Robokassa payment;

* Offline webinars: All webinars are automatically stored in the system along with the broadcast recording, chat, download materials, and a new participant can watch a recording, read the chat, download the presentation. And where can you do as a free and paid access to the webinars.

* CRM system storage customer base: the base is collected through registration, as well as through import an existing database e-mail csv format addresses;

* Marketing tools: in the course of the webinar at a certain time you can show Special offer in the pop-up window with advertising video and text materials;

* Count of the number of subscribers who came to the webinar.

Forthcoming in the version Professional:
* Mailing service on the basis of existing customers: you can send letters / notices about upcoming events in your area. There template editor (text, layout) letters, sending emails on a schedule, different delivery methods (phpmail, SMTP, mandrill), there are statistics on the open / read the letter;

* Import and export a list of e-mail addresses;

* Surveys, polls, and more useful in the life of a professional infobiznesmena, coach, teacher.

You also get the following related features:
* The product has technical support from Monday to Friday;

* Leave periodic updates (paid and free), you can install and update the product;

* Included with the product are detailed video tutorials and instructions that allow to disassemble the system functionality in detail and learn to work with the product;

* Also has paid services to install and configure the product, if you want to save time on self-study of the installation process.

And one of the most important advantages that you get - refinement of the room according to your wishes, ie You can write us your wishes for the new room, you are interested in functionality, and we will create in line with plans, technical capabilities and the concept of development of the system.

Spend your webinars and web meeting successfully with software "webinar on your website!"


Бураев Владимир

Buraev Vladimir
Project Manager in IT Technologies

www.buraev-vladimir.ru     www.it-resheniya.ru

10 years in information technology

Over this period, created more than 3 dozen sites

About 20 online stores

Developed complex information systems and software products

I'm engaged in promotion of projects on the Internet

The author of the course "Project Manager from scratch"

The author of the course "The site for 3 hours independently"

The author of the system "SYSTEMA-25 Complex creation and promotion of projects"

I continue to improve in this area and beyond.


To date, the Internet is quite a lot of different services to provide services for webinars, online events and webinar software. And all have their own peculiarities and differences in functionality and, of course, the cost, which varies from ~ 500 rubles. up to 36000 rubles. per room per month. And the higher the cost, the more number of participants can be invited to the room. Someone this cost is small in connection with large checks, and to someone and quite weighty, especially if the webinars are budget or completely free.

What can be done to preserve the budget for the webinar room, and to continue to effectively conduct business on the Internet while conducting webinars and online events to date?

Webinar room and it's almost free..

The easiest way is to register your channel on Youtube and conduct webinars through Google Hangouts. In general, it turns out quite a working tool: there is a video broadcast with the host showing through the camera, there is a desktop and presentation showing and there is a chat next to the video broadcast, i.e. all the basic tools are present and at the same time completely free. Now it is enough to create a group in the social network and advertise its webinars in it, inviting people to a direct link in Youtube.

Some of this method can suffice, but someone needs more advanced functions.

The second way more resource-intensive, but also very accessible for any person who is a bit versed in web tools after watching the tutorials on Youtube (there are acquaintances at the age of 60 years who quietly collect lending and install it on hosting). For its implementation, a website is already required, which opens up additional opportunities with a number of technical specialists capable of realizing the wishes of the presenter.

On your site, you can already create a section with webinars, which list upcoming and past webinars, each of which is created in the format of a separate web page with the broadcast on Youtube, and comments are used as comments from social networks, for example, Vkontakte or Facebook, which free and fairly simple to integrate into the site, it is enough to allow the tag "script" in the site's CMS. And then the comments will begin to work. Having even the most simple template site on the free engine from the wordpress series, joomla, drupal, etc. and the most affordable hosting in the region of 100 rubles / month, you can create a whole section with webinars, which will be stored permanently on your site. And since video broadcasts are automatically saved on Youtube after the broadcast, and comments in chat rooms, then if you do not delete them, you already have a fairly comprehensive catalog of past webinars that can be promoted and further conducted webinars.

Go ahead..

As they say, man is a being developing.
After learning one stage, it moves to the next one :). And then there are natural needs for additional tools for events. For example, there may be a desire to register for webinars, so that people are recorded and automatic records of all who wish to attend the event were conducted. the client base would be formed and better in one place, where it would be convenient to then notify people about new events, make mailings, which now become paid.

Also, you can make some webinars private by password, and some with free access only by entering a name. And still need to "ban" an unwanted audience of the site, behaving incorrectly, you need marketing tools from a series of pop-up buttons to buy or advertising banners, etc. And here at this stage there is a connection of programmers or a transition to webinar services, in which there are the necessary tools and for which you have to pay a lot. And this is already payment for three services: website hosting, mailing and webinar service, which, depending on the tariff plans, will be about 2000-15000 rubles per month. For some it is not money, but for someone quite a pleasant budget, if it was available for the development of the same business, for example, for advertising.

Desires are growing ..

And if you want to conduct paid webinars? This situation is more interesting. Those. you need to have an organized payment system with an automated notification of successful or unsuccessful purchases and sending a link to the webinar entry with the formation of the paid database and other related tools. And then again you need to access various services and organize through them payments, accounting of sales and notifications, or to integrate a payment gateway into your site, hire programmers to write a system for recording payments, and link all this with your webinar catalog, with authorizations, creating all the accompanying tools on a few months, or even years to go into development and debugging :). And the price of the issue becomes, to put it mildly, good enough for such a valuable development =).

And what to do in this case, when tools are needed, but sometimes they are only available for a certain category of leading?

It's time to think about a larger, but at the same time affordable solution for any category of leading..

So we came to this idea, gradually adding and improving the requirements for the standards of conducting webinars and online events, studied on virtually all major (about 30) Russian and foreign webinar services. So the Light version of the WEBINAR product appeared on its site in September 2014, which has been improved over time and to date has its completed form and then went on to the Business version and other versions. see the presentation.

Those. we did the following: drew the design of the room, wrote the software shell for authorization, registered for the webinar, made the connection and output of the Google Hangouts broadcast and the Vkontakte and Facebook comments, brought out the name of the webinar, the host name and address of his personal site, placed blocks for downloading the materials (presentations, documents), added husky in the social network so that the link to the room with the webinar people could move in the networks, add an ad unit with the placement of the banner and make a room accessible with a password and with a free entrance. We made it all into the product archive, recorded training video lessons and text comments, created a personal cabinet with a step-by-step course of creating your own room on your site based on our software product and plug-in additional services. Now this product can already be put on your site and conduct webinars in a more organized and formatted format, editing each individual webinar through a text editor and uploading changes to your site via ftp to a folder with webinars.

As a result, the form of the address of webinars is obtained as follows: yours-site.ru / web-directory / webinar-name (the address is written entirely in Latin). Now this link can be given to people and they will be able to read the announcement, the date and time of the upcoming webinar, register for the webinar through the registration form (registration notification will be sent to the administration of the webinar by e-mail, after which all registered participants manually or through the mailing services will need to send a letter with the password for logging on to the webinar, which you yourself write in a certain file (in the Professional version, your mailing service is already built in.) At the right time, participants will click on this link, enter a password in the special th field and enter for the webinar, which will be able to see the master and his slides, writing in the chat, download the webinar materials, as well as send a message to the administration of the webinar special form when viewing the webinar recording.

Moving on .. :)

Now consider the question of your chat, because some clients of the version of Light, as it turned out, do not like the comments of social networks, plus there was a need to store all registered users on the system, hence the normal desire to load your e-mail address into the system contacts and continue to do news on them, and edit each time manually a room through a text editor and upload changes to ftp is not very convenient if you have today different content management systems (CMS, etc.), where all given and edited by pressing the button. So began to create a webinar management system in the language php + mysql, which was calledWMS - Webinar Management System. And in March 2015, the first version of WMS 1.0 was released, which already in advance (as early as December 2014) began to acquire people ("investment at the foundation stage," as in real estate :)).

Today WMS or Conference Management Software - this is already quite a powerful product creating and managing webinars on your server, although he is only about a year old. At the current time, version 2.0 is released. watch her presentation, we are preparing 2.1 with online payments for webinars and the Professional version with an integrated mailing list and a large list of new functionality. We are working, guys!